Born: 2007 in Ornskoldsvik / Sweden.

Debut Album: (Absorbingthepain) was released 2010

Second Album ( Songs of hate with love) was released 2011

Third album ( H3ads up ) was released 2012

ATP has it’s roots in bands like: Barophobia ( Tomas and MÃ¥rten from Meshuggah)

and Boozeman Simplex.

ATP is dark northern heavy hitting metal . Inspired by Sabbath, Pantera, LoG, Pink Floyd and other God-like Masters.

With great reviews from all three albums including a best album of the year titel ( Sweden rock magazine ). 

Right now there in the final stages of Mixing the 4th album ( untitled ), this time the band gets really dark and much moore complex, so stay tuned!

A single ( BREED ), is the first taste from this coming evil, it was released the 28 of Feb, go check it out!!!